Audit Associates Work Hard at Singleton, Clark & Company.

Here’s Why…

  • We may ask you to drive 53 miles north, spend the day with a client, then drive 53 miles back.
  • That same week you may have to do that again and again.
  • The very next week we may ask you to drive 106 miles south, stay three nights in a Holiday Inn Express, and then return.
  • You will need to work some overtime during the audit season.
  • You may find yourself frequently out of your comfort zone.
  • You won’t just be auditing cash for your first year.
  • It may scare you that we have more confidence in you than you have in yourself.
  • There may be some late nights required to meet a deadline.
  • There’s no telling where our clients may set you up for the day.
  • You might find yourself rubbing elbows with a school Superintendent or city Mayor and have to present yourself professionally.
  • We’re a small company, so if you think you’re a rock star, fans will be scarce here.
  • You may have to present your work at a school board or city council meeting … on short notice.
  • You may realize you love accounting and auditing.
  • You may realize you’ve found a career.

Still Reading? …. You May Be Our Kind of Auditor.

Send us your self-brochure. Tell us what excites you about the job description above. Your submission will be read with curiosity. We are always interested in meeting individuals who want to try working in the trenches of public accounting for a career boost. The knowledge and skills you will obtain from learning our methods and serving our clients could benefit you for a lifetime.

We Have a Great Client Base.

Our firm has an excellent client base in locations all over central Texas. We frequently enjoy day travel and some overnight travel to the scenic and historic areas surrounding Austin, Texas. One thing is for sure, you won’t be auditing Enron.

And this isn’t Your Grandfather’s CPA Firm.

It’s Not Even Your Dad’s. We use every technology currently available to make this stuff easier. That sets our auditors, and company, up for success. Here’s what we’re talking about:
  • We use the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement software product to conduct paperless audits
  • Client financial statements are in Excel and fully linked to the Engagement trial balance so they generate with ease
  • The Excel financials are linked inside a single Word file for easy printing or PDF generation
  • All workpapers are based in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Acrobat
  • We compute 100% in the cloud so we can access our work from anywhere
  • Clients provide documents to us through online portals, so we always know what we’ve got
  • We try to avoid canned audit programs, so you’ll know exactly what to do
  • Our staff enjoy dual monitors in the office and field, and great laptops
  • If we are not scheduled at a client site, we frequently telecommute from home

So What are You Waiting For?

Join our pool of potential new Audit Associates. We are especially looking for self-motivated individuals that desire a rewarding career in public accounting and specifically in governmental auditing. Introduce yourself to our Managing Shareholder today at